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2017-09-12 15:55:58 by NikmironCZ

Welp, i thinked, i would have time for animations, nope, i don't have time. 

There will be no chance to get back to it. I really don't want to be animator in future, i would rather be actor xD 


Still remember DeadComputer craziness.. would want to really know what happen to him :D

In fact, i was 6 years on newgrounds, meeting so much people, so much haters, so much fans. 

But, i want to give you a big high five, and good luck in your future to all. 

If you want to write some messages, slide into my PM, and i can give you contact.

Good. Bye.





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2017-09-12 16:01:03

Understandable, have a nice day

NikmironCZ responds:

You too


2017-09-12 16:01:11

Your Leaving All Ready, Really?

NikmironCZ responds:



2017-09-12 16:51:37

I hope you can chace your dreams and good luck with them.
i hope you will find what you wanted.
Good luck ^_^

NikmironCZ responds:

In fact, i finded what i always wanted. And i hope it won't change. :)
I'm happy person now, positive person with negative past.


2017-09-13 14:37:25

Lmao i think deadcomputer found a job as foot massager, for 5€ he can touch and clean your feet with his magic tongue xd

NikmironCZ responds:

well... i think... my trip to Poland will be legendary xD


2017-09-13 16:33:24

traps are gay